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October 24, 2019 Comments Off

In 2019, 96.4% of top executives identified artificial intelligence (AI) as the top disruptive technology in which they are investing — up from 68.9% two years ago, Forbes reports. But while AI has become

October 18, 2019 Comments Off

The maritime industry is experiencing a digital revolution with new technology applications across ports, port services, shipping, dispatch, warehousing, and maritime services, among other business areas. From autonomous ships and drones to digital

October 7, 2019 Comments Off

Improving the Scale Journey for Startups The majority of startups and corporates have the same end goal: grow through innovation. Start Path, part of Mastercard Labs, compounds the magic of startups and corporates working together

September 24, 2019 Comments Off

Taiger announces its official global technology and commercial partnership with Microsoft. As a global partner, TAIGER’s award winning suite of workplace AI solutions will be available on Azure specifically, Microsoft Marketplace and AppSource,

September 10, 2019 Comments Off

“Old money, young talent a potent mix to take Singapore’s deep-tech scene forward” To draw young talent, startups need to give them “something meaningful” to work towards “SINGAPORE’S prominent families may have made

September 7, 2019 Comments Off

Singapore in global race to attract best tech talent The Trade and Industry Minister emphasized the need to complement its workforce with skilled foreign workers so as not to risk diminishing its competitive

September 2, 2019 Comments Off

Too much information, too little time Every year globally, millions of documents pass through the hands of lawyers to build cases for their clients and this only grows over time. According to the

September 2, 2019 Comments Off

Drawn by smart city initiatives in the UAE, Singapore-based AI startup Taiger has expanded its footprint to Dubai, highlighting growing regional interest in artificial intelligence The recent move by Singapore-based artificial intelligence startup

August 2, 2019 Comments Off

Efma-Accenture’s Banking Innovation of the Month award for July 2019 goes to Santander for transforming SMEs’ onboarding. Todays’ SMEs prize efficient time management and seek greater control over their business. Onboarding therefore typically

July 10, 2019 Comments Off

Taiger’s valuation after the round to reach US$ 110 million Funding round led by investors including an affiliate of TPG Taiger has raised US$ 25 million of funding for its expansion. Our company’s