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October 8, 2020 Comments Off

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was first coined in 1956 by John McCarthy but only brought into the spotlight around 2016. Since then, the fraternity of educators are becoming more and more conscious of the

September 29, 2020 Comments Off

In the UK, only one in 100 people could identify the main symptoms of diabetes and only one in five would be able to spot a single one. Undiagnosed and untreated, it can lead to

August 28, 2020 Comments Off

TAIGER’s CEO and Founder Sinuhe Arroyo presents on Deep Tech Fundraising with SGInnovate and Qualgro Singapore, 26 August 2020—TAIGER’s CEO and Founder, Sinuhe Arroyo, represented the deep tech startup community in an insightful

August 13, 2020 Comments Off

“Our inclusive, meritocratic and high performance culture are the reasons why we attract both top talents and clients since day one.” – Founder and CEO Dr Sinuhè Arroyo TAIGER landed on the Employer

August 11, 2020 Comments Off

Last Sunday marked Singapore’s 55th birthday, and TAIGER’s ‘Ask Phoebe’ chatbot was selected to be a part of the celebration through a feature on Singapore’s largest business and finance media title, The Business

July 24, 2020 Comments Off

Working in the education industry can be meaningful but educators often find themselves tasked with many responsibilities they did not sign up for which hinders their capacity to make an impact in the

June 15, 2020 Comments Off

A diverse work culture is the status quo in organisations today. Studies show that the proportion of ethnicity and gender represented in a company is correlated to a higher chance of success be

June 12, 2020 Comments Off

Every year, a great diversity of talent from renowned universities – both locally and worldwide – sign up to be a part of TAIGER’s internship programme, and this year is no exception as

June 10, 2020 Comments Off

Singapore, 5 June 2020 – During a Singapore Management University webinar for its IT Masters students today, our CTO Dr Guillermo Infante, shared more about what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all about, and

June 9, 2020 Comments Off

9 in 10 senior executives interviewed have experienced document extraction software that still require a mid to high level of human intervention, according to a survey conducted by TAIGER. The survey, which involved